Fly Fishing Podcast Episodes

Here’s an index of our fly fishing podcast episodes:


    S2:E45 Our 5 Most Dangerous Moments on the River

    S2:E44 10 Fly Fishing Proverbs for the Soul

    S2:E43 Casting Upstream or Downstream?

    S2:E42 Fishing Emergers during a Hatch

    S2:E41 Better Fly Fishing Photos

    S2:E40 The Clues to Trout Feeding Behavior

    S2:E39 Gearing Up for a New Fly Fishing Season

    S2:E38 One Fine Day on the Blue River

    S2:E37 How to Plan Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    S2:E36 Fly Fishing Physics 101

    S2:E35 Organizing Your Fly Box

    S2:E34 Fly Fishing Spring Creeks

    S2:E33 Fishing the Wild Places

    S2:E32 Fly Fishing Myths of “More”

    S2:E31 Nymph Fishing Tactics for Beginners

    S2:E30 Fly Fishing Expectations for the New Year

    S2:E29 This Past Year’s Fly Fishing Lessons

    S2:E28 One Fine Day on Willow Creek

    S2:E27 The Myths and Truths of Catching Big Fish

    S2:E26 The Markers of Fly Fishing Satisfaction

    S2:E25 Benefits of a Fly Fishing Buddy

    S2:E24 Assessing Our Fly Fishing Gear

    S2:E23 One Fine Day on the Gardner River (Day 2)

    S2:E22 One Fine Day on the Gardner River (Day 1)

    S2:E21 The Art of Fly Fishing Mentoring

    S2:E20 Sustaining Your Fly Fishing Passion

    S2:E19 The Difference between Native and Wild Trout

    S2:E18 Fly Fishing Trip Preparations

    S2:E17 Fly Fishing Solitude

    S2:E16 Reasons You’re Not Catching Fish

    S2:E15 Fly Fishing with Streamers

    S2:E14 Lessons from the Yellowstone River Closure

    S2:E13 Fly Fishing Gear We Use

    S2:E12 The Promise of Fall Fly Fishing

    S2:E11 Fly Fishing Etiquette

    S2:E10 Colorado Fly Fishing High

    S2:E9 When Your Fly Fishing Trip Is a Dud

    S2:E8 Making Time to Fly Fish

    S2:E7 Fly Fishing Made Simple

    S2:E6 One Fine Day on the Madison River

    S2:E5 The Five Mindsets of a Successful Fly Fisher

    S2:E4 Our Top Nymph and Wet Fly Patterns

    S2:E3 The Basics of Nymphing

    S2:E2 Our Fly Fishing Bucket Lists

    S2:E1 What Makes for a Satisfying Day on the River


    Episode 52: Fly Fishing Observations from a Year of Podcasting

    Episode 51: Should You Tie Your Own Flies?

    Episode 50: Unlikely Places to Catch Trout

    Episode 49: Making Sense of Leaders and Tippet

    Episode 48: Fly Fishing Brands and Your Next Purchase

    Episode 47: Improving Your Fly Presentation

    Episode 46: One Magical Day on the River

    Episode 45: The Joy of Fly Fishing with Hoppers

    Episode 44: Identifying Trout Lies

    Episode 43: 5 Fly Fishing Dangers

    Episode 42: Spring Fly Fishing Success

    Episode 41: Funny Outdoor Moments

    Episode 40: The Inconsiderate Fly Fisher

    Episode 39: Wade Fishing vs Floating

    Episode 38: Fly Fishing Hacks

    Episode 37: Why We Fly Fish

    Episode 36: Packing for a Fly Fishing Day Trip

    Episode 35: Breaking Out of a Fly Fishing Slump

    Episode 34: Finding New Fly Fishing Waters

    Episode 33: Fly Fishing the Wisconsin Driftless

    Episode 32: Our Five Favorite Trout Flies

    Episode 31: Fly Fishers’ Use of Public Access

    Episode 30: Gary Borger on How Fly Fishing Strengthens Families

    Episode 29: Planning Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 28: Fly Fishing Gadgets Galore

    Episode 27: A Guide to Hiring a Guide

    Episode 26: Landing Bigger Trout

    Episode 25: TU’s Dave Kumlien on Fly Fishing and Conservation

    Episode 24: The Art of Stalking Trout

    Episode 23: The Healing Properties of Fly Fishing

    Episode 22: Choosing the Right Fly Rod

    Episode 21: How to Fly Fish a Lake

    Episode 20: Interview with a Fly Fishing Sage

    Episode 19: Our Favorite Outdoor Authors

    Episode 18: The Basics of Safe Wading

    Episode 17: Fly Fishing and Friendship

    Episode 16: Weathering the Weather on the River

    Episode 15: Gary Borger on Fly Fishing Spring Creeks

    Episode 14: The 6 Fly Fishing Personalities You’ll Meet

    Episode 13: Introducing Your Kids to the Great Outdoors

    Episode 12: The Stupid Things Fly Fishers Do

    Episode 11: Five Lessons from a Recent Fly Fishing Trip

    Episode 10: How Fly Fishing Restores Our Wounded Warriors

    Episode 9: Fishing the Hatch

    Episode 8: Crazy Stuff Happens While Fly Fishing

    Episode 7: Fly Fishing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

    Episode 6: Gary Borger on the Making of “A River Runs Through It”

    Episode 5: Reflections on “A River Runs Through It”

    Episode 4: You Can Learn to Fly Fish Too!

    Episode 3: Wildlife Encounters While Fly Fishing

    Episode 2: Five Ways to Catch More Trout

    Episode 1: My Best Day on the River

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4 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Podcast Episodes

  1. Just now ran across your web site and wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read the various article you have written with so much humility. No “Fly Fishing Snobbery” to be found here, just simple, common sense articles that give good advice on a subject too often unnecessarily shrouded in a fog of snobbery and elitism.

    Way to go guys, you bring Fly Fishing in an interesting, entertaining way to the masses.

    Jim Watson

    • Thanks so much, Jim (and sorry that we missed replying to this comment earlier). We consider ourselves “veteran beginners,” and this blog project has helped us grow in our understanding. It’s a privilege to try to communicate in the way you described–interesting, entertaining, and accessible to all kinds of people, especially those who are new to fly fishing.