The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists

The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists is like a bag of potato chips. Reach in. Grab a handful. Er, read a list. And then we dare you to stop at one. Before long, you’ll be at 2000 calories. Visit Amazon to get your copy today!

Life is short. So should the time it takes to improve your fly fishing game.

Written by the 2 Guys, Dave Goetz and Steve Mathewson, The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists, is a book of bite-sized snacks. It’s an entire book of lists.

Lists include:

    “The 7 Basic Facts about Mayflies”
    “The 7 Nagging Questions of Nymph Fishing”
    “3 Tips When Fishing Streamers on Smaller Creeks” and, among dozens of others
    “11 Reasons You’re Not Catching Fish”

Newbie fly fishers will find answers to some of their frustrations in learning the sport. Veteran fly fishers may discover a new fly fishing hack or insight to help improve their craft. At the very least, they’ll appreciate the list of great places to eat in the Bozeman, Montana, area on their next fly fishing trip.

Ultimately, the book makes a wonderful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Or the perfect present for the person who has always wanted to try fly fishing. Now is the perfect time! The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists will make you want to grab your fly rod and head to the river today!